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Hiya, everyone! I've finally built my pc after having sold my previous one for bills, and in a few day's I'll be making a bunch of videos (hopefully, anyways). Plus I have a spooky new webcam image made by :icongear-of-ren:! Link will be below! Anywho, on to Fallout Shelter.

I was skimming through Youtube and noticed Extra Credits made a video on Fallout Shelter titled Fallout Shelter - How a Casual Game Won Over Hardcore Players which clocks in at 8 minutes. And while I couldn't care on watching it because it's EC, it did get me thinking on the game.

Let me just say that this rant, and the video mentioned above can be summed up like this: Fallout Shelter became immensely popular because it has the Fallout name on it.

Now a lot of people can go on about how it goes against some common f2p practices like costing money for rushing, but there are areas where this game does worse with the model.

One thing I will give is the feeling of being an Overseer. It's something that players want to do, and the app handles this decently. But I feel one common game scenario (when playing without paying) always seems to occur; You start with a handful of rooms and villagers to start. Your place booms after some rushes and eerily easy challenges, rewarding you handsomely. Sure, there are times where a bar might run low or a raid leaves a dweller at 1% health, but it's nothing a stimpack from your cache of 15 can't handle. You have a successful vault.

And then the game decides to smack you with constant raids and accidents. What's worse is the incidents involving raiders and molerats (never found deathclaws) actively steal supplies including caps! and the pace most of the dwellers move doesn't help when raiders will decide after killing some people to move to another room, your dwellers not once thinking to shoot them as they're leaving. After your vault is beaten within inches of its life and back to normal, albeit without some dwellers because you picked 7:50 am to play and they disappeared before you can pay to revive them (or not if the barrage of raiders haven't taken your caps to the point where you barely can't revive them), you head out to do whatever for the day (work, jog, etc.). As you return, you can't help but notice your dwellers are all very sick. Turns out the game doesn't want you to put it down like any other normal game in its shoes would. And that's when the "Buy Lunchboxes!" ad pops up.

While I will commend the game for not having players to pay real money for rushing, it feels like it was made that way intentionally so you'll fail because challenges suggested you to win or fail the rushes/accidents, making you want to buy lunchboxes to fix your dooming game, thus forcing you to pay real money for a fix that may or may not work.

Fallout Shelter is a game that wants you to pay attention to it for a long while, like its pc/console bretheren, but unlike the latter, Fallout Shelter's content isn't anything to really play with for an extended amount of time.

Link to webcam image: Jess unmask... by Gear-of-Ren
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Jess Wilkins
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Hello, my name is Jesse Wilkins, and I write fantasy stories as well as do some random art stuffles!

You can also find me on Youtube at

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