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Hello, everyone! So after a bit of things, I'm here again. A bit of the usual delay stuffles, but i plan on making some stuff. I don't just post random things on The Almighty Goodra, after all. ^^;

Let's start with a rant near and dear to me: Metroid Prime Federation. Honestly, I feel people are horrifyingly overreacting to a simple spin off game. And while I would have liked it to be a Wii U game because the 3ds ironically has enough games, it's still something. Metroid fans, let the series breath and explore. The series doesn't have to be about Samus only. It wouldn't hurt to follow the Federation or even the Space Pirates. Why can't Metroid have its ODST or Spartan Assault/Strike?

According to the Metroid Prime Producer, the game is made to flesh out the Galactic Federation for the next main Prime game, considering Sylux is a bounty hunter that loathes the military group. And honestly, it would be nice to know a little more about them other than a few snippets. I feel like we know more about the space pirates than we do the group that employs Samus, although in some way that can make some sense. Either way, hopefully it isn't a New 3ds exclusive so I can play it.

With that out of the way, I would like to vent some steam at game I've been heavily playing: Team Fortress 2, more specifically, a Game mode.

Dear Valve,

Please remove Mannpower.

Before it had some light nuisances. Engineers can choke out a narrow hallway in Gorge, forcing the other team to coop up while they can snatch up power ups and win the game with ease. What's that? sap the buildings? not with the Power Soldier setting up camp in the small rooms, watching over the engineers, you're not!

And the Gun Mettle only made things worse. Most weapons updated have exasperated existing problems! Now Jag Engineers can set up shop in under a minute. Power Soldiers can now use the Air Strike to rapid fire 10 missiles from the sky, killing most classes in one to three shots. Power Heavies wielding the Brass Beast or Natascha have damage resistance! Seriously, take it out until there are much more open levels like Thunder Mountain and less crap like Gorge.

I do have another rant planned, but it will be in video format with pre Gun Mettle Mannpower footage accompanying it.
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Jess Wilkins
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United States
Hello, my name is Jesse Wilkins, and I write fantasy stories as well as do some random art stuffles!

You can also find me on Youtube at

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